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What is fixed knot fencing and how is it used?

22nd Jul 2021

According to the article “FIXED KNOT FENCE: THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN AMERICAN RANCH FENCING, ranchers started out by letting their livestock roam free in wide-open areas with no fencing. As time passed, the invention of the barbed wire fence played a crucial role in the rancher world. It was a versatile fence that could provide security from predators and offer a more controlled area for livestock to roam.

There were flaws, however. Barbed wire fencing began losing its shape quickly, which could lead to potential sagging and breakage. Costs were a concern due to the need for more wooden posts to prevent this potential breakage.

Where there are problems, there are solutions. Fixed knot became the new innovative fencing. Fixed knot is a high-tensile fence that offers interconnected and horizontal wires that form product for cattle squares and rectangles of overlapping wound wires. This knot type allows for more strength and stability in the vertical spacing. This is an extremely tensioned fence that will not sag or break. It is a safer alternative to barbed wire fencing and will keep predators out! It is a heavy-duty fence and typically requires machinery or multiple helpers to transport.

Fixed knot is a great fence to keep deer out (and other well-known predators) and keeping your livestocksafe from harm! Check out our Fixed Knot options here:

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