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What Makes Steel Hex Web Special?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 28th May 2019

Hexagonal Fence, also known as Steel Hex Web, is used for a variety of applications - and it's no wonder why. Farmers with chickens choose Steel Hex Fence to secure their flocks against predatory animals including coyotes, wolves, and foxes. Gardeners use the material to protect gardening sites against rabbits and groundhogs in addition to white-tailed deer.


Hexagonal Fence is special for several reasons. For starters, it is virtually invisible after 20 feet; so, it isn't an eyesore for homeowners or neighbors.This material works best when wrapped in PVC to protect the steel core against chew marks from wild animals; and remains strong for up to 30 years in all weather environments. Because of the twisted ridges, the fence will be able to handle beatings from deer "headbutting" much better than square-shaped mesh.

When thinking about fence options for gardens and farms, consider Steel Hex Web Fence.

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