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Posted by Cassidy Plasterer on 1st Mar 2022

As Spring approaches, we find ourselves wanting to be outdoors more and more. The weather is warming up and the winter jackets are coming off! If you are an outdoor enthusiast, I am sure your garden is the number one priority on your “To Do” list.

Speaking of gardening, last month we discussed the importance of planning your garden. Now, it is time to explore the value of DIY(like DeerBusters fence) and what it can do for your well-being. Yes, it sounds cheesy. Let me explain…

The DIY concept is becoming an increasingly popular topic of interest in many different areas of life. Have you ever wondered why?

First thing is first, DIY projects are MOOD BOOSTERS. Most of you have probably experienced a time where you had to build something; maybe a birdhouse in woodshop class, a car, or even an IKEA dresser ( yes, they are tougher than you think). I can also assume that you may or may not have had a series of frustrating moments during the process(*raises hand*). Despite the frustration and technical errors and some tool throwing… there was a sign of hope. After all the hard work and dedication; the project was finally complete and left you feeling relief, accomplishment, and satisfaction. To some, a hands-on activity can be considered meditative as it requires deep concentration. The moral of it all is that you ACCOMPLISHED your goal and you can show it off proudly. That IKEA dresser didn’t stand a chance.

Second, constructing a DIY project gives you the opportunity to learn something new. A unique perspective can spark other creative ideas too! Later down the road, you might be inspired to build your own DIY project using the set of skills you learned from your past DIY projects. The skills gained can lead you to a lot of opportunities, especially new business ventures.

A helping hand is always valuable in larger DIY projects; it’s a perfect time to ask your family for help. Quality time is harder to find these days, but projects like this can bring people together and build relationships. With help, everything will run more smoothly and quickly. So, grab your family members and friends and get started! Teamwork makes the dream work!

As someone who loves to add their own personal flare to everything; I appreciate the fact that a DIY project allows freedom for customizations. Live a little and don’t always worry about the specifics; mix up the color, add some glitter, use a different material. Let your creativity run wild! Because it is your project, you can limit expenses. Typically, it is cheaper to make/build your own products. Buying premade items or paying someone else to do a service can get quite pricey. So why not try to build/install your own ideas?

With all that said, it is safe to say a DIY project (such as a DeerBusters fence) is truly good for the soul. The perfect garden does exist, and it starts with you!


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