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Why Gardening is a Good Thing

19th Jul 2021

Does gardening increase your chances of living longer? Jamie Feldmar’s article, “Gardening could be the hobby that helps you live to 100” explains the benefits of what growing a garden can do for your well-being.

Studies showed that gardening can elevate your mood. Being outside in the fresh, sunny air can provide the body with rich vitamins that can boost your mood quickly. According to this article, “Doctors in Scotland can now prescribe a walk in nature to treat a variety of ailments, including reducing blood pressure and anxiety, and to improve overall happiness” and “One Harvard University study showed that people who were surrounded by lush greenery lived longer with a lower chance of developing cancer or respiratory illnesses.”

Being outdoors and participating in low physical activity is a great way to increase longevity. Gardening can also play a big role in gratification. When you see that first flower, veggie, or fruit that you put your heart and soul into, it is extremely satisfying and rewarding. Plus, doesn’t homegrown food taste better than what you would buy from a grocery store? Veggies and fruits that come from your garden offer more minerals and vitamins than fruits and veggies from the store.

Although gardens are a big responsibility, they can offer a lot of benefits to your overall health and wellness. Jamie is right in saying that life is all about balance and “Neither farming nor gardening will ultimately guarantee a longer lifespan. But some of the lifestyle factors associated with both – namely going outside, engaging in light physical activity and eating a healthy plant-based diet – just might.”

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