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Why Ground Sleeves Get Damaged

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Aug 2020

Installing ground sleeves is the first step in the fence installation process; and one tool is critical to use for installing ground sleeves: a driver cap. This dome-shaped fence tool is the size of a baseball and easily fits on top of the ground sleeve for easy installation. The driver cap is what installers hit with sledgehammers to pound in ground sleeves leading the way to fence post installation. 

Black Galvanized Ground Sleeve In Use

If ground sleeves mushroom out, it may be due to not using a driver cap. (There is one available for a 1 5/8" post (most common for deer fences) and  1 3/8" post.) It could also be that the ground is rocky and making it difficult to install sleeves. If this is the case, an earth auger can be used to drill into the tough soil.

Soil is different around the country; and rocky grounds can cause headaches for installers. Choose the fence tools needed to get the job done easily.

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