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Why Individuals With Autism Should Garden

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Apr 2019

April is National Autism Awareness Month, and as such, we want to take some time to discuss the benefits of gardening. For children or adults in the autism spectrum, gardening can be a valuable skill to have for a variety of reasons.

For one, gardening allows people to be outside. They can get fresh air; exercise; be in-touch with nature; and engage in an activity that isn't exactly easy - but exciting! Gardening can be done independently, or in a group setting; and when people with autism perform as a team, they learn how to work with one another in am amicable manner. Planting not only teaches individuals with autism about where our food comes from, but how it is made. 

Gardening is a wonderful sensory activity that will help stimulate the mind and inspire a new wave of gardeners; and there are many organizations and centers around the country that use horticultural therapy to help people with development disabilities get involved in vocational training.

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