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Why Tension Wire On Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 7th Nov 2019

Tension wire is an important component when installing fence in yards and is not only used for deer fencing. Tension wire, also known as monofilament wire, is used to make fence mesh taut and to eliminate sagging from post to post. 

Fence tension wire is used by [fruit] tree growers and on areas with heavy wind gusts. If tree branches or limbs fall off trees, then the potential to destroy the fence is present without tension wire. 

Being that tensioning wire strengthens the top of fences, it is also a barrier between domestic animals and external predators. Having a tight fence at the top will block jumping attempts by wild animals, such as deer and coyotes, and will keep children, pets and gardens secure from the unknown. 

Tension wire is a good thing to have for all types of fence and is well worth the investment for peace of mind. It is available in an 8 gauge or 12 gauge spools.

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