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Deer Resistant Plants To Grow

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The below list of plants are all used by gardeners for deer-resistance in gardens. White-tailed deer hate the taste and smell of certain types of flowers, herbs and even trees. However, take note that some plants are toxic to dogs and can make them very sick, if ingested in high doses. (Click here for a list of pet safe plants to grow.)

Deer-resistant plants are recommended to growers as a secondary layer of protection around a deer fence. Keep deer at bay by planting these types of flowers in gardens:

Virginia Bluebells Verbena
Peonies Iris (toxic to dogs)
Geraniums (toxic to dogs) Coreopsis
Blanket Flower Veronica
Perennial Sage Aster
Daffodils (toxic to dogs) Marigolds
Black-Eyed Susan Hibiscus
 Lilac  Viburnum
Butterfly Bushes Buckeye

Sweet tasting conifer trees, such as white oak, crab apple and arborvitaes are favored by deer; however, others with prickly needles can be used to keep deer away: 

White Spruce Colorado Blue Spruce
Ginkgo Biloba Red Maple
River Birch Dawn Redwood
Black Tupelo Tulip Poplar
American Holly (Toxic to dogs) American Persimmon
American Sweetgum Flowering Dogwood
Pond Cypress Southern Magnolia
 Deodar Cedar  

Deer also hate smelling and tasting certain veggies and herbs such as garlic, peppers, thyme, oregano, and basil. 

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