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Missing Dog Strategies


Fact: A pet goes missing every two seconds in the United States.

child-1538557-1920.jpgMost dog owners keep watch on their dogs; but they still manage to get loose or stolen. What's worse, is that only 10-15 percent of dog owners will reunite with their missing pet. 

July is the busiest time of year for festivities and outdoor fun; and while pet owners may decide to take their dogs on day trips to the dog park or out for a jog, this is when pets go wandering off to play with other domestic or wild animals or strangers. It doesn't help that 4th of July is around the corner; and some dogs may be scared of big crowds or the booming of fireworks. If your dog is afraid of loud noises, such as when thunder strikes, your dog may use hiding techniques to avoid stress.

 Being that July is Lost Pet Prevention Month, here is what to do when your dog is missing:

  1.  Don't go driving around just yet: Call out their name. Check where you last saw them. Check with neighbors. Use your eyes and ears.
  2. Dispense Lost Pet Flyers: Share as much information as possible about your missing animal with local businesses; within your neighborhood; and online.
  3. Post Information on Social Media: Speaking of online, spread the word about your missing pet with your network on Facebook and Twitter. This can create a snowball effect; and will help lead the way to your dog.
  4. Contact Animal Shelters: Let them know you are missing a pet. Then, visit or call your local humane society or animal shelter and see if any new dogs have entered into the organization.
 It's great to know what to do when a dog goes missing; but how can we prevent lost pets?

Deerbusters suggests that pet owners plan ahead. If your dog gets stressed out over thunder or car horns, then don't bring them to the fireworks show on Independence Day. It's that simple.

If you are throwing a party at your house and your dog doesn't like crowds, then send them to play in the backyard. Fenced-in dog enclosures are great for when pet owners need to play host and can leave the dog outside without having to worry about the dog getting out or stolen by someone. A dog fence is well worth the investment for peace of mind.

And, we cannot stress the importance of tagging your dog. While 80 percent of pet owners agree that dog tags and micro-chips are important for dog safety, over 30 percent of pet owners admit that they don't always keep the tags on their pets. It's no wonder why our pets go missing!

This July, keep dogs safely by your side with the lost pet prevention tips on Follow the conversation on Deerbusters' Facebook and Twitter using hashtag #LostPetPrevention.