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National Pet Month


Held each May, Pet Awareness Month is a month-long event that promotes responsible pet ownership and makes people aware of the benefits of adopting a pet dog or cat. This pet observance month, designated by the Office of Animal Health among others, brings together animal activists, non-profits, animal welfare groups and individual pet owners to discuss how to improve pet livelihood.





















cat-1423844-1920.jpgBeing a responsible pet owner means that you, the pet owner, are choosing to give dogs and cats a better life off the streets or out of an animal shelter. This is a full-time, life-long commitment for the domestic animal that suggests that you will give the dog or cat unconditional love, care, basic needs, entertainment and support.

Here are the basic needs for pets

Food: Your pets need healthy pet food to help them feel young and maintain strength. Foods high in nutrients can give pets a shiny, healthier coat and the right food type for pets will serve them well as they age.

Water: Just like humans, animals need plenty of fresh drinking water. Keep an eye on your pet's water dish; and fill the bowl with ice cubes to keep them feeling refreshed. Proper hydration eliminates the risk of dizziness and dehydration.

Shelter: Protect pets from the weather elements; even if they spend the majority of their time outdoors as an "outside pet." Dogs and cats should always have a dry, indoor area where they can get away from the rain, heat or cold. In the wintertime, give your cats and dogs blankets and keep them out of the snow for long periods of time. The snow will hurt dog foot-pads and can harm them.

If your cat stays in the garage, give them access to the inside of your home. Car exhaust or fumes may harm the cat if ingested. Although the garage provides a roof over their heads, it isn't the safest home for cats.

Socialization: Hopefully, you have installed a dog fence or cat fence in the backyard; but if you haven't, there are alternative fencing solutions for your dog to achieve interaction with other pets. Taking your dog to a dog park is a great way for dogs to meet new friends. If you don't have a dog park nearby, take your dog for a walk in a local park or meet-up with dog owners for a "play date." Time with friends is important for animal health and wellness.

Pet Health: Dogs and cats need a minimum of 30 minutes of daily activity to maintain strong bones and healthy joints. (Senior pets will require additional exercise.) Installing a dog fence or outdoor cat enclosure allows cats and dogs the freedom to safely roam away from potential wildlife encounters while getting exercise. Play with your animals outside - throw a ball, chase them, wrestle around, and get exercise yourself!

Happiness: Your cat's purr and dog's smile says a lot about your pet ownership skills. Treat your pets to the occasional extra-serving of food or dog treat. Tell your pets you love them and give them hugs and kisses. And, don't forget to shower them with dog and cat toys

Here are five essential commands you can teach dogs in a fenced-in backyard:

1) Sit: Hold a treat close to the dog's nose. Once they perform the action, give them the treat.

2) Come: Put a leash on your dog and say "come" while gently tugging on your dog.

3) Down: Hold your hand up to your dog's snout and slowly move it down as he follows.

4) Stay: Ask your dog to "Sit." Then, open the palm of your hand and say "stay," while slowly moving away.

5) Leave it: Get a treat in your hand and let the dog lick or smell it; but say "leave it." Repeat until the dog doesn't touch the treat.

Deerbusters cares about animal wellness; which is why we offer these pet care tips with you for National Pet Month. Pay attention to your animal's behavior and take pets to the vet for routine shots and check-ups. Being a responsible pet owner is more than just owning an animal; it's about welcoming a new member of the family and offering them with acceptance, affection and attention.