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Protecting Your Vegetable Garden Is Easy with a Deer Fence

19th Jun 2012’s poly deer fence is an affordable, nearly invisible solution to many gardeners biggest wildlife problem. Installing a deer fence around the home vegetable garden is a gardener’s best chance at keeping hungry deer from eating the harvest.

Spring is here, and that means that it is time to dust off the tiller and get the garden in shape for the growing season! Before planting the garden, there are a few things to consider beyond what plants to put in. One of the biggest problems faced by gardeners is choosing how to keep the deer from eating the crop before being able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Deer naturally like areas with lots of grass, bushes, and a few trees; much like most people’s yards. 

The best method for keeping deer out of the garden is to erect a physical barrier for protection. Deer fence is usually essential when starting a garden in an area with a heavy deer population. When trying to start a garden where deer have established feeding grounds, many people find that plants disappear almost immediately after planting. DeerBusters polypropylene fencing is nearly invisible from a distance, weighs considerably less than a metal fence of the same size, and is much easier to install than a typical metal fence.  Vegetable garden fencing needs to be a minimum of 7.5’ tall in order to be an effective barrier against deer.

 Aside from keeping deer out, a deer fence does a great job at keeping small animals out of the garden as well. A poly plastic fence that has 2”x2” mesh will keep most animals out of the garden. If smaller rodents are a concern, many gardeners will use steel mesh fencing and attach it along the bottom 2-3’ over the poly fencing in order to prevent small critters from getting through or chewing on their fencing.

Once deer have established a tract of land as feeding grounds it will be difficult to break their behavior.  The best thing to do to prevent deer from getting into a vegetable garden is to put up a fence at the first sign of deer damage. By being proactive about keeping deer away from the garden, it will be much easier to keep deer out in the future.

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