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The Benefits of Fixed Knot Fencing

15th Nov 2013

Fixed knot fencing is the strongest woven wire fencing that you can purchase.  It is made of high tensile galvanized steel wire that makes it stronger and lighter than other types of agricultural fencing.  Sturdy vertical stay wires and line wires are locked into a square grid pattern by an independent wire knotted at each intersection.  This prevents the fence from shifting and sagging with time. Fixed knot fence is installed with heavy duty yellow pine posts that are five to six inches in diameter and inserted three feet into the ground.  Fixed knot fencing is the strongest fencing offered by DeerBusters.

Farm fencing is made with either low carbon or high tensile wire.  The difference between the two has to do with the carbon content in the steel.  In steel, carbon acts as a strengthening agent—the higher the percentage of carbon, the harder and stronger the steel.  High tensile wire has a carbon content of approximately 0.64%, while low carbon steel has that of around 0.28%.  This means that a thinner, lighter gauge of high tensile wire can be just as strong as a heavy low carbon wire.  It also resists the stretching and elongation that can occur with low carbon wire over time.  The class three galvanization of the wire makes it extremely rust and weather resistant, two to three times more so than with class one galvanization.  The strength of the wire and galvanization gives fixed knot fence a lifespan of approximately twenty to forty years.

The incredible strength of this fence means that it will cost you less money in the long term.  Fixed knot fencing will last a very long time before it needs to be replaced, and maintenance is very low.  Because the high tensile wire is much lighter and stronger than low carbon wire, you won’t need to purchase as many posts to keep it upright and tight.  The wire itself is thinner and lighter because high carbon steel can be stretched much more than low carbon steel without compromising strength.  This means that you save money on using less steel in your fence.

The strength of this fence makes it ideal for agricultural applications.  The steel is totally chew-proof, and its high breaking load makes it perfect for cattle, horses, sheep, swine, and even bison.  It is a superb fence for protecting crops from high deer pressure.  If installed properly, it will prove a formidable barrier against pests and a strong boundary for livestock.

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