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Types of Deer Repellent

14th Mar 2013

Basic deer repellents are usually liquids or granulated powders, and can be applied directly to the plant experiencing damage or to the ground to deter deer from nibbling in a more general area.  Liquid repellents can come either ready-to-use in a spray bottle for immediate application, or in a concentrated solution that requires the addition of water to make it effective.  Liquid repellent is wet and sticky, and best used directly on the plant you’d like to protect.  Granular repellents are better applied to mulch, grass, or the soil around a flowerbed, garden, or new trees as the powder may fall or blow off a plant very quickly.  Use a liquid repellent for smaller or more acute areas where deer browse, and a granular repellent to protect an entire area.   

When it comes to making a deer turn up its nose, a deer repellent can use a foul smell, a foul taste, or a combination of both.  In the case of a scent repellent, browsing can be prevented before the plant has received any damage, as a deer won’t be tempted to taste a plant that smells awful.  This is particularly important in vegetable gardens or flowerbeds—the last thing you want a deer to do is chew on your roses or garden sprouts.  Scent repellents contain ingredients like garlic, ammonia, rotten eggs, and the urine of predators to drive deer away, and while those things may also smell terrible to us, many deer repellents are odorless to humans. Taste repellents require the deer to take at least one bite on a treated plant, but when they do, they are often greeted with the appetizing flavors of capsaicin and pepper oil, fish, garlic, and onion.  Deer that browse on taste-treated plants will quickly find that they should look elsewhere for a meal, and reapplication over time will train them not to revisit treated area.  Many repellents offer both scent and taste deterrent in the same product,

Application of your chosen repellent should be saved for a rain-free day when the temperature is at least around 40 degrees or above freezing.  Select your repellent according to the size of the area you would like to cover and the appropriate method of application.  Also, always pay close attention to the ingredients in your repellent, particularly if using on or around edibles.  Some repellents may contain ingredients that you wouldn’t want in your mouth (for example, there are vegan repellent options available for those that don’t want to handle or ingest egg).  It is recommended that you use a repellent that repels both through scent and taste.  Repellent should be handled with care; be sure to wear gloves, protective clothing, eye protection if spraying overhead, and a mask if spreading granulated repellent. If your repellent is concentrated, follow the directions on the container or included with the repellent to dilute it correctly before application.  When applying liquid repellent, make sure that you thoroughly coat the plant and its leaves, applying repellent to new growth especially.  Remember to reapply your repellent as suggested by the manufacturer, or after particularly wet and rainy periods.  This will usually be around every 30-90 days.

DeerBusters offers both a granulated and a liquid repellent help you solve your deer problems.  All three offer both odor and taste deterrents utilizing putrescent egg, garlic, and white pepper.  Our liquid repellent comes both as a ready-to-use spray for quick and easy use in small areas, and larger concentrated versions for much larger areas.  We also offer Weather Shield, a concentrate that when mixed with our deer repellent can help to extend its life by up to two months.  DeerBusters deer repellent will not discolor flowers or foliage, and will not smell offensive.  Each application will last up to three months. 

Long-lasting, odorless, and safe for plants, DeerBusters deer repellent is an excellent way to stop low deer pressure or use in conjunction with another deer prevention method.  Check our website for more information about our repellent products, or peruse the different brands of deer repellents and scaring devices we offer.

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