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Wildlife Control Solutions

18th Jun 2012

There are few more disappointing moments, for gardeners, than walking out onto your porch to drink that morning cup of coffee, and gazing out on your garden to see that all your hard work has been destroyed overnight by the local wildlife. Fortunately that fate can be prevented; has several solutions to end your wildlife problems.

The first step in effectively preventing local wildlife from destroying your yard or garden is identifying what type of wildlife you are dealing with. Look for tracks, droppings, nests, and burrows to help you determine what species of pest is taking liberties with your property.  Once you identify your pest, learn a little bit about its habits to help you best understand what you’re dealing with. After identify and learning about the pest you can choose the best control method for that species.

The installation of a deer fence, when installed properly can successfully prevent deer from destroying shrubs and trees. Deer Busters polypropylene deer fencing is virtually invisible, easy to install, and affordable. Keeping deer out can have more benefits to you than just saving your plants. Deer carry ticks and ticks can carry Lyme disease, which means the few deer in your yard also lowers your chance of getting bitten by a Lyme disease carrying tick. In fact, the National Institute of Health believes that deer fencing can reduce the risk of Lyme disease by up to 97%

Animal control fencing is a great option for keeping small animals such as rabbits, armadillos, and groundhogs from entering your garden or yard. Small chewing animals can do damage even in the winter especially under the cover of snow. These chew proof rodent barriers can be used alone or in combination with your deer fence to prevent small animals from crawling under or chewing through your deer fence. The animal control fencing is also great at keeping your pets from entering the garden or restricted areas.

If you would like a less invasive method of controlling the local wildlife, scaring devices such as the Ultrasonic Motion Activated Deer and Animal Repeller, can be highly effective. The Ultrasonic Motion Activated Deer and Animal Repeller emits an ultrasonic blast, above the frequency of human hearing to startle pests from your yard or garden. This humanely hi-tech motion activated device covers 4000 square feet and can be manually tuned to deter rodents, opossums, raccoons, deer and more.

Whether your property is a small residential yard or a large-acre farm has a pest control solution for your problems. To learn more visit or call 888.422.3337.

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