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We have great news!Spread the good word of to your friends in the North. Now, residents of Canada can purchase the same high quality fencing products as in the States all on a convenient new retail website catering to the Canadian market. provides durable deer fences at affordable Canadian pricing. Our virtually invisible garden [...]

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Your crops may be in danger if you don't use...

  Often, deer use their noses to nuzzle-down underneath a fence; and that is why ground stakes are such a necessary purchase when installing a deer fence from   Ground stakes are meant to hold down a fencing system; but they are also commonly used in camping to hold down a tent and gardening. No [...]

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Summertime Crops to Protect

Look at the following list of warm-season fruits and vegetables. How much do you love these organic goods?BeansCorn - a Fourth of July must-have!CucumbersMelonsBlackberriesLimesStrawberriesEggplantOkraPeppersPumpkinSquashTomatoWatermelonZucchiniHerbs (annual)BasilGreen beans (mid-Summer)Green onionYou've worked hard to grow these organic fruits and vegetables. Don't let the deer stand in your way from indulging on them at your Fourth of July BBQ [...]

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Even More Facts About Whitetail Deer

Earlier this year, we jotted down a few facts about white-tailed deer in the Deerbusters Blog that you may not have known. Here at Deerbusters, we want to help you save your crops from deer and other nosy pests; which is why we want to develop your knowledge about deer as much as possible. Let's begin:More Whitetail Deer [...]

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What Deer Like to Eat in the Summertime

As we all know, Summer is a favorite time of year for outdoor gardening and eating rich fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately for us, deer have similar pallets as humans; and thus want the same delicious food that we want in Summer. In the summertime, they yearn for sweet fruits including black cherries, plums, grapes and [...]

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Deer Repellents on Sale for Memorial Day

Gardeners and farmers alike know that this is a deer’s favorite time of year for eating crops. You know that corn that you were hoping to enjoy on fourth of July? Or those juicy strawberries for your angel food cake? Well, you can kiss them both goodbye if you do not protect your garden with deer repellents. There are [...]

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Deer-Proofing Your Garden

The buck stops now. You’ve worked hard on your garden and now that Summer is here you can’t let the deer win. Here are a few tips you can use to perform effective deer control.1) Plant Perennials as a barrier around your gardenDeer rely heavily on their sense of smell to find an appetizing meal. Deerbusters suggests [...]

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New Methods for Preventing Lyme Disease

White-tailed deer are the favorite hosts of deer ticks. In the warm summer months, when deer become extremely active, deer ticks thrive. As deer enter backyards in search of food, deer ticks and Lyme disease follow.Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia Burgdorferi which is transmitted to humans and animals through tick bites. “Although [...]

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It's Lyme Disease Awareness Month

In lieu of Lyme Disease Awareness Month, wanted to share facts about ticks to make you further aware of this troubling disease. Although there isn’t a current vaccine, there are antibiotics that can be prescribed by a physician to lessen the pains of Lyme Disease.Know the facts and manage your risk today. Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Dept [...]

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Deer Senses – and the Sixth Sense

Deer and humans share common senses including hearing, tasting, smelling, seeing and touching; but did you know that they have a ‘sixth sense’ only made available by the vomeronasal organ? Most people don’t know that this is there! The sense works like a nose in the roof of a deer’s mouth. “When a deer opens its mouth the “inside” [...]

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