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15 New Year’s Gardening Resolutions

A brand new year is only a few days away and like the members of our deer fencing company, we bet you’ll be making some New Year’s resolutions. If you’re a gardener, here are some great resolutions for you to make for 2014. (And if you’re not a gardener, make a resolution to become one!): 1. [...]

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How Rare Are Albino Deer?

At our deer fencing company, we’ve seen many different kinds of deer, from white tail to mule to elk, but we’ve never seen an albino deer – and we bet you haven’t either. Albino deer are deer that don’t have the gene that colors their skin and hair, so they appear white. Also, because the irises [...]

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8 Gardener Gift Ideas

It may be too cold to garden this holiday season, but our deer fence company knows that gardening gifts are appreciated all year round. We’ve come up with some great gift ideas that the gardeners on your holiday list are sure to love: Sugar Scrub After a hard day’s work outside, there’s no better way to get [...]

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How to Install Your Deer Fence

If you’ve never installed a deer fence before, we know it may seem a little intimidating. However, it’s actually pretty easy. Just follow the steps we’ve written out from our deer fence installation video:Installing Your End System1. Using a post hole digger, dig a hole that’s about 3 feet deep.2. Place your end post in [...]

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What to Do While Your Garden Sleeps

Once winter sets in and you’ve put your garden to bed, our deer fence company knows there’s not much to do except wait until the ground warms up and spring shows its face again. While you wait to start gardening again, here are some things you can do to keep busy: Monitor staked plants. If you have [...]

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Deer Fences that Keep Deer Out

What You Should Know About DEER FENCEWhy Our Deer Fence WorksThe world knows two types of effective polypropylene deer fencing. One type, round-strand deer fencing, is made only by the Tenax Corporation. The other type, made by various firms, is extruded or flat-strand deer fencing. The basic requirement for both types, to make them suitably strong, is that they contain at [...]

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15 Safety Tips for Hunters

If you’re planning on hunting this season, our deer fence company would like to remind you that it’s very important to take the right safety measures. Every year, dozens of hunting accidents are reported and many people end up accidentally hurt. For example: Recently in two separate incidents, a group of friends went hunting together [...]

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A Deer’s Favorite Plants

Have you been wondering why deer are eating all of the plants in your yard? During the winter season, a deer’s food source becomes limited and they look for food wherever it can be found, but besides that, your yard may have plants that deer are fond of. Below is a list of plants that [...]

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How to Use a Hog Ring Tool

Securing the tension wire of your deer fence with hog rings can be a tedious job, but a hog ring tool can make it a lot easier and a lot less time-consuming. Here’s how to use the tool: When you attach hog rings to your fence, you want them to be strong enough to secure your [...]

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Deer Hunting Seasons & Regulations In MD, PA, DE

Our deer fence company knows that for those who hunt, it’s important to follow the deer hunting regulations in your state. In order to hunt, you need specific kinds of licenses and you can only hunt certain deer during certain times of the month. Take a look at these quick deer hunting guidelines for Maryland, [...]

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