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Community Gardens Need Fencing

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 9th Mar 2018

Spring kicks off the start of a new planting season; and for gardeners who may not have space to manage of a full-scale garden, getting involved in community gardening is just the way to plant, learn, and well... grow!

Because community gardeners are responsible for the appearance of their garden plot in a city, it's important that they have a solid deer management plan in play. After all, nobody wants to lose their hard work to white-tailed deer.  

Installing a 7.5' to 8' deer fence around the perimeter of the community garden will stop jumping attempts from deer trying to get a closer look at the garden. Most cities state in the rules and regulations that gardeners cannot hang plants or use city's fences or trellises for their own use. This is a happy compromise that will benefit all parties.

Before digging into garden plots this spring, choose to install a garden fence for protection against deer. 

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