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Bear vs. Electric Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 26th Oct 2017

Before I pressed play, I noticed that the blueberry farmer was smart to use an electric fence. After all, a bear is a strong animal; and nothing can deter bears from entering into gardens or farmland more than electric fencing. 

However, I was surprised to learn that the blueberry grower did not use a secondary fence to reinforce the strength of the electric fence system. Spoiler alert: The bear crawls under the electric fence to get to the blueberries - this could have been prevented with an additional fencing system, such as a Solid Lock Fixed Knot Fence with ground stakes to stop the animal from tunneling. 

If you are a grower that has a problem with bears, here's what Deerbusters suggests: Repel bears from farms and gardens by installing a Woven Wire Fence with ground stakes and an electric fence to stop the bear. Fixed Knot is the strongest type of metal fence - strong enough to stop bears. 

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