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Why Buy Clearance Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Sometimes, gardeners have a vision for their garden; and they may not need a large roll of fence to make their dream a reality. For this reason, gardeners may decide to buy marked-down fence.

Generally speaking, these sale fence items are more than capable to stand up against deer damage in gardens; they just may have a few scratches or dents on them from one way or another. 

The rolls of fence may be shorter than the standard 100' foot rolls of fence; but this may be an advantage for some gardeners who wish to add fencing to different areas of the garden. 

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Does Plastic Fence Hold Up In Snow?

Poly fence gets a bad rep. The minute potential buyers read that the fence mesh is plastic, customers immediately decide that it is cheap, flimsy and won't last; but plastic deer fence is so much more than plastic. It is used to keep out deer; secure small dogs and even non-chewing livestock animals such as [...]

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Introducing Max Strength Extruded Fence

Max Strength Poly Extruded Fence contains a 950 lb breaking strength and a reinforced bottom edge to deter deer and small garden nuisances. Built for a 20 year lifespan, Max Strength Extruded is virtually invisible, easy to install and maintenance free.Deerbusters offers three sizes of Max Strength Poly Deer Fence: 8' x 100', 8' x [...]

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It's Get To Know Your Customers Day!

The third Thursday of October each year is recognized as Get To Know Your Customers Day, an entire day devoted to you, the customer.  While, Deerbusters cares about your favorite breakfast food, and whether or not you enjoy long walks on the beach, we really want to know how easy it was to install our deer [...]

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Celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day is on April 22nd each year; and while we are late to mention it, we want to discuss the importance of caring for Mother Earth now. By not recycling, we are hurting the environment and the wildlife surrounding it. Plastic pollution is corrupting our oceans and tangling up fish that are getting caught in [...]

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It's National Puppy Day!

Although there is much to discuss on National Puppy Day, we want to start the day off right. (See the pups?)National Puppy Day 2018 is a special day to celebrate the love, companionship and joy of puppies. Puppies grow with us and share special moments with us, from our first road trip to our first [...]

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Best Fence For Dogs

Take a moment to think about how stir crazy you get after being inside for eight hours. All you want to do is move around and stretch, right? Well, your dog is no different; and this is only one reason why pet owners need to invest in a yard fence for dogs. Dogs are really just [...]

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Survey - Which Animal Is Ruining Your Garden?

At first glance, white-tailed deer appear sweet and innocent; but in reality, they are the most destructive wildlife species in North America causing over 90 percent of agricultural damage.  Deerbusters is curious...what's eating your garden? Answer the question on the survey below.  [...]

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New Year, New Plan: For the Garden

When making your New Years Resolution List, you may have taken note that your garden is in need of serious protection from deer damage. Year after year, you watch white-tailed deer destroy flowerbeds and eat crops - and now, you've had enough. Here's what homeowners should do for deer management:Build Deer FenceBuilding deer fence is [...]

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Why Build An Enclosed Fence?

Often when we talk to customers, we hear that white-tailed deer are not only a problem; but also birds, coyotes, rabbits, raccoons and groundhogs. Although Deerbusters Fence is strong enough to keep out multiple wildlife animals at any given time, we feel that there is a single fence system that may be the answer to [...]

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