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Chronic Wasting Disease Found In Milwaukee County

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Jan 2018

Wisconsin officials announced the first case of Chronic Wasting Disease in Milwaukee County yesterday afternoon for the 2018 year. It comes 16 years after the first report of the deadly deer disease. "In 2002, the year CWD was discovered in Wisconsin, six cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob were recorded, according to the state Department of Health Services. In two of the last four years, 13 cases have been recorded. That's a 117% increase." (Journal Sentinel)

The deer with CWD was a 4-year-old buck that was found in an urban setting. DNR suspects that other deer around the wildlife area are also infected and have set-up surveillance in the area to determine deer movement. 

CWD has been detected in captive and free-ranging deer and elk in 23 states and two Canadian Provinces: Colorado, Wyoming, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Illinois, Alberta, Utah, New York, West Virginia, Kansas, Michigan, Virginia, Missouri and North Dakota.

Chronic Wasting Disease can show signs in deer from birth to two years after the birth of a deer. Deer hunters that hunt deer should be careful eating infected deer meat. Like Mad Cow Disease, Chronic Wasting Disease in humans is a potential concern. 

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