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CWD Effects On Hunters

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Chronic Wasting Disease has been discovered in over 23 states. This incurable, fatal deer disease not only affects other deer herd members but also has devastating consequences on deer farms that may have infected deer on-site. 

If deer farmers have infected deer, they must segregate the deer by required deer fencing and test them for Chronic Wasting Disease. For deer hunters that hunt at least 10 miles away from an "infected deer farm," they will need to test the deer prior to bringing home the deer meat. Hunters will also not be able to cover-up scents with deer urine. 

Chronic Wasting Disease may have a damaging impact on the local economy of states that sell deer meat and rely on hunters to control the deer population. 

Chronic Wasting Disease Found In Milwaukee County

Wisconsin officials announced the first case of Chronic Wasting Disease in Milwaukee County yesterday afternoon for the 2018 year. It comes 16 years after the first report of the deadly deer disease. "In 2002, the year CWD was discovered in Wisconsin, six cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob were recorded, according to the state Department of Health Services. [...]

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More Chronic Wasting Disease Cases In Arkansas

Three more cases of Chronic Wasting Disease were announced in Arkansas. The deer disease has spread to 10 counties in Arkansas since 2016 including other parts of the country. Deer Farmers must test deer for Chronic Wasting Disease; and quarantine deer farms, if white-tailed deer are found infected by CWD.  Infected deer must be separated from [...]

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Deer In Texas Test Positive For Chronic Wasting Disease

A white-tailed deer run over on U.S. Highway 87 between Dalhart and Hartley has tested positive for chronic wasting disease, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said.This marks the first discovery of the deadly disease in Texas white-tailed deer roadkill and the first case in a Texas Panhandle white-tailed deer, TPWD said.James Hoskins, a Texas [...]

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Pennsylvania Deer Test Positively For CWD

HARRISBURG — Four captive white-tailed deer — three on a hunting preserve in Franklin County and one on a preserve in Fulton County — have tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture announced Friday.The new diagnosis brings the total number of afflicted Pennsylvania deer to 44 since the disease was first [...]

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Deer Disease Spreads Through Washington State

A disease that can be deadly to deer has been found for the first time in Washington. Wildlife managers are asking people to not give deer food or water — in hopes of minimizing the spread of the infection.Adenovirus Hemorrhagic Disease — or AHD — is common in other western states. Washington’s first confirmed case [...]

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Fatal Deer Disease Spreads Throughout Pennsylvania

The outbreak of a white-tailed deer disease in southwestern Pennsylvania has resulted in the death of more than 150 deer, and more deaths are expected.The state Game Commission was investigating the recent deer deaths in Allegheny, Beaver and Washington counties. The viral disease cannot be contracted by humans but could threaten livestock.Justin Brown, the game [...]

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Rare Foot Rot Disease In Deer

An unusual type of contagious foot disease may be affecting Kansas’ deer population at a higher than average rate, and the cause isn’t yet known.Tim Donges, president of the Quality Deer Management Association’s Bluestem branch, said reports of foot rot have been coming in at an alarming rate in recent weeks. As a result, the [...]

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