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Deer Diet In Fall

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Oct 2017

Deer food is everywhere in the summertime; and as a farmer or gardener, you may have noticed that your fruit garden took a hit, thanks to deer activity. Nonetheless, deer were able to find enough nuts, twigs and leaves to get them through the hot, summer. But, now that the fall season is here, whitetails are finding it harder to eat in the woods. They also fear deer hunters; and they are back to visiting organic gardens in the early morning hours where they won't be seen by many homeowners. 

Autumn allows deer to eat a variety of leaves, soft mast and agricultural crops such as soybeans and corn (you've been warned). After all, deer need energy (fats and carbohydrates) to get them through winter. After the rut, bucks stock-up on food consumption - much different than during the rut when they tend to eat less and lose weight. 

Gardeners can start planting cool-weather crops such as cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, and Brussels Sprouts; this is why they need to protect their vegetable gardens this fall from deer using deer fencing and other deer management strategies.

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