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Deer Fence For Vineyard Management

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Vineyard management and development is essential for a successful grape growing business. Vineyard consultants that specialize in this type of work will tell grape growers that they will need deer fencing to protect grapes. Since planting season is around the corner for vineyard managers, now is the time to develop a deer management plan to prevent deer from eating grapes. 

Deer love fruit; and your grapes are no different. Building a deer fence around grape vines is the best method for deer control. The deer fence will need to be at least 7.5' to 8' feet high for best results. As the grape vines mature, deer will have a better eye on what they plan to eat; but the deer fencing will stop them. 

As the snow melts, and the shovels come out for planting seeds, consider installing deer fence on vineyards for protection against deer damage.