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Why Use Deer Fencing For Vineyard Protection?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Like other types of fruits, grape protection is a must; and vineyard managers know all too well how frustrating it can be to lose their hard work to pesky deer and small critters.

Hear this testimonial from Brian Roeder, owner of Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane, VA about why he chose to install deer fencing from around his vineyard. 

February Planning To Grow Grapes

It's time for vineyard owners to plan for the grape growing season in early spring. There are many tasks that vineyard owners must accomplish before managing grape vines including:How To Plant Grapes:Grape Growers will plant bare-root grape vines in early spring. Before planting, however, growers will need to soak the roots in water for a [...]

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Deer Fence For Vineyard Management

Vineyard management and development is essential for a successful grape growing business. Vineyard consultants that specialize in this type of work will tell grape growers that they will need deer fencing to protect grapes. Since planting season is around the corner for vineyard managers, now is the time to develop a deer management plan to [...]

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Deer Damage Prevention At Grape Vineyards

Winemakers, you will soon be planting grapes late winter-early spring to begin your journey into wine making. Now is the time to develop a deer management strategy to keep away hungry deer from grape vines. Here are deer control techniques to implement:Deer FencingWhite-tailed deer are nosy animals; and if they smell a sweet, delightful scent, [...]

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