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Deer Jumps On Shed To Eat

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Brian Kelly captured this image of a deer after it hopped onto a shed in Allagash to reach some tasty cedar boughs on Thursday, Feb. 1. (Courtesy of Brian Kelly)

See this deer? The white-tail jumped on top of a shed in Allagash, Maine to get food to eat. This is why landowners need  to build deer fence around properties. It's best to install 7.5' to 8' deer fencing, as a deer won't attempt a 7' jump unless they are being chased by a predatory animal. 

Deer are desperate for food in winter; and they are patiently waiting for spring when gardeners start planting spring flowers and fresh vegetables. It's time to protect landscapes now with a garden Bambi doesn't end up on top of your shed.