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Deer Management: Cheaper Isn't Better.

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Sometimes, we as consumers, associate the best with being the most expensive; but that is not always the case. However, as far as deer management goes, let's take a look at why the least expensive action isn't the wiser choice in the long run. 

Deer Repellents are the cheapest deer management method on the market. The idea is both simple: sprinkle the granular powder on the ground and it will keep deer away? Okay, great; but what happens after heavy rains and long periods of extreme heat exposure? 

The repellents wash away and the ground goes unprotected for days, weeks - until the gardener decides to reapply (every 15-30 days) adding to increased maintenance work in the garden. 

While more expensive, deer fencing is the best method for keeping deer out of gardens. Deer fence requires little upkeep after installation and will last at least 15 years outside in all weather conditions. Once gardeners build a 7.5-8' feet tall garden fence, they will wash their hands clean of deer damage for good. 

Stop Feeding the Deer!

When we see wild animals, it may cross our mind that they are hungry and are looking for shelter. But, we must re-frame from thinking this way about white-tailed deer. Deer are like stray cats; and when we feed them, they know that if they come back to the same area, then they will get fed [...]

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Deer Jumps On Shed To Eat

Brian Kelly captured this image of a deer after it hopped onto a shed in Allagash to reach some tasty cedar boughs on Thursday, Feb. 1. (Courtesy of Brian Kelly)See this deer? The white-tail jumped on top of a shed in Allagash, Maine to get food to eat. This is why landowners need  to build [...]

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California Regions With Elk Sightings

In a state of nearly 40 million, with majestic landscapes and an abundance of plants to eat, it's no wonder why deer and elk are choosing to call California home. Here are the top regional areas in California with elk sightings (courtesy of the SF Chronicle):Greater Bay Area: Point Reyes National Seashore, at Pierce Ranch [...]

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