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Deerbusters Announces Giveaway Contest

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 1st Nov 2017

You gardeners have worked hard throughout each growing season with the same old garden supplies. Why not let Deerbusters Deer Fence treat you to some new gardening swag?

Deerbusters announces a new gardening giveaway for anyone who loves gardening! Now until November 20th, gardeners - both young and old, beginner or veteran - can enter into the Sow Seeds In Style Contest to win a deck rail planter full of gardening items including decor and more. 

Gardeners can expect to receive:

  • A deck rail planter;
  • Tick prevention tools;
  • Multi-colored string lights;
  • Deer Repellent capsules;
  • Watering supply
  • and much more!
This giveaway is free and open to all gardening enthusiasts. Learn more.

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