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February Planning To Grow Grapes

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Feb 2018

It's time for vineyard owners to plan for the grape growing season in early spring. There are many tasks that vineyard owners must accomplish before managing grape vines including:

How To Plant Grapes:

Grape Growers will plant bare-root grape vines in early spring. Before planting, however, growers will need to soak the roots in water for a few hours while finding a permanent growing spot with full sunlight (or morning sunshine). Space vines 6 to 10 feet apart and dig plants 12 inches deep. February and March are good times to prune to three buds per vine. 

Caring For Grapes

The first few years will not product fruit, however, pruning is crucial during the first year - but do not use fertilizer. In the second year, prune back all canes and begin to fertilize. 

Vineyard Management

Once the vines start producing sweet fruit, wildlife will begin to circle around vineyards. It's important to protect vineyards in February and March with deer fencing to rid deer from vineyards. The ideal height for deer fence is 7.5'-8' foot high and will include ground stakes to hold down the fence from digging animals. Bird netting on vineyards will keep birds away that are migrating north. 

Implementing wildlife management is vital for successful grape growing. 

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