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Gardening Tools Needed For Spring

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 7th Mar 2018

Spring is around the corner; and as gardeners prepare to plant spring flowers, it's time to plan which gardening supplies and tools to purchase. Consider the following gardening tools to buy now:

A Gardening Hat

This isn't a fashion statement; it's to keep the sun off your face and protect your skin. Gardeners will appreciate wearing gardening hats when outside for hours in the garden. 

Garden Gloves

Don't begin working in the garden without gloves. Gardeners encounter thorns, rocks and other hard terrain that can make it difficult to plant without support. Get gloves for gardening - our hands will thank you later.


A gardening shovel is probably one of the first tools purchased by gardeners; and they will make the job easier. Shovels help digging into tough soils and will put less strain on bodies.


Gardeners will need a good set of pruners to cut away dead leaves and branches. Without pruning, plant diseases are possible.


Gardeners will appreciate having a wagon to move plants and tools in-and-out of the gardening area. 

Buckets/Water Sprayers

Watering flowers is a must throughout the year. It's best to water plants early morning before the heat of the sun hits them. Be careful not to drench plants or over-water them. 

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