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Halloween Dog Care Tips

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 30th Oct 2017

For adults, Halloween is the only day of the year we can get away with dressing up as our favorite childhood superheroes without getting mocked. For kids, Halloween is a time to pig-out on candy - a parent's worst nightmare. For pets, Halloween can be overwhelming and can turn even the calmest dog into a high-strung pup. Here are Halloween pet safety tips to keep in-mind tomorrow and the days after.

Halloween Decorations

If you are anything like me, you have Halloween decor everywhere inside and outside the home. Keep a close eye on your dog or cat. They will be curious about Halloween lights, glow sticks, candles and sculptures and will try to knock them off tabletops, leading to a possible fire hazard and choking hazards.

Halloween Candy

With so much delicious sweets around, we are all guilty of stealing a few handfuls of chocolate. Make sure you throw away chocolate wrappers that may become choking hazards for dogs and cats. Pumpkin isn't toxic to dogs; but chocolate can make animals very ill if ingested.

When the doorbell rings

My dog gets wound-up when the doorbell rings; and kids may be startled by a dashing dog running toward them. If your dog gets anxious around people, or overly excitable, think about keeping your pet securely inside the backyard dog fence. If you live in an area with chilly weather, bring the dog inside after a bit of time and keep them in a bedroom until the excitement dies down. 

Halloween Pet Costumes

Who doesn't smile when they see a dog dressed as Batman? Be sure your animal is comfortable in the Halloween costume and has plenty of room to breathe. 

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