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How High Does a Deer Fence Need To Be?

Posted by DeerBusters on 8th Aug 2017

I've seen deer jumping over high fence before; but how can I stop them from destroying crops and feasting on my home garden?

The typical whitetail deer is known to jump well over 8' high. In one case, a deer jumped a 15’ deer fence; but it may have been chased by a predatory animal such as a coyote or wolf (it's unknown).

For maximum deer protection, we recommend at least a 7.5’ high deer fence to protect crops from deer damage. Deer can jump an average of 8’ high, but will not risk the jump if they are uncertain because they have poor vertical vision.

Would you voluntarily jump off a two-story building, especially if you were unsure of the landing? (We hope you would respond "No.") For the same reason, nature makes deer reluctant to jump over a 7.5’ fence. The eyesight of a deer is also a huge factor when it comes to our deer fencing. They have real trouble seeing the deer fence top because of terrible vertical vision. Deer see best in the yellow, deep blue and certain ultraviolet portions of the spectrum, and both plastic deer fencing and PVC-coated steel hex web mesh deer fence poorly reflect these wavelengths.

We have both 7.5’ and 8’ deer fencing available to ensure the best deer management solutions.

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