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How To Remove a Tick Head

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 22nd Dec 2017

How To Remove a Tick Head

You see a tick embedded in your skin; and you begin to pull it out with tick tweezers, when suddenly the body of the tick comes out but not the head. Your heart begins to race and you start to panic. 

tickremoval.jpgClean the area again with rubbing alcohol and try lifting the head. If a small piece of the head remains, the skin will slowly shed it out. 

A common myth is that it is okay to remove a tick by:

  • Burning off the skin;
  • Rubbing nail polish or petroleum jelly on the infected area;
  • Freezing ticks off 

Do not remove a tick any of these ways! It's best to use a tick removal tool, and consult a doctor, using a tick bite. This is the best way to do it when asked how to remove a tick.

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