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How to Rodent-Proof Gardens This Fall

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 31st Oct 2016

Like many of you, I get all too excited when I see a deer, rabbit or groundhog. At first glance, they seem adorable with their bushy white tails and big brown doe eyes. But, these garden pests are trouble. They wreak havoc in-and-around organic gardens; and if they are not stopped now, they will keep coming back for more. So, how can we stop rodents from ruining gardens? Here are a few techniques to repel pests from gardens.

1) Keeping Deer Out of Gardens

Deer are the most common garden pest found across North America gardens. Deer usually feast on leaves and twigs; but in the Fall, deer become desperate for food as it becomes scarce, so they enter into gardens. Protect your gardens with all-natural deer repellents that should be sprayed around your deer fence. You can also add strong odored-plants such as mint, thyme, or fennel that deer hate. Deer usually avoid plants that are fuzzy or thorny, such as roses; and you can always grow flowers like irises, aster, sage and morning glory to repel deer.

2) Gopher-Be-Gone

Digging gophers are difficult to get rid of from gardens. It's best to use a gopher repellent to stop them from digging underneath your fencing. Gopher Spurge is toxic to most animals, including humans; so if you use this repellent for gophers, take caution.

3) Rabbit Protection

As we all know, rabbits love eating vegetable gardens (and not just carrots!). Rabbits feast on all types of flowers and foliage. If you want to get rid of rabbits, you should grow verbena, columbine or coneflowers. Create a border of periwinkle and invest in a rabbit fence kit that will block digging rabbits and other rodents.

No matter which type of pest control method you use, it is sure to stop pesky rodents. Be sure to read instructions before activating repellents and properly install a deer fence. Should you have any questions, contact a representative.

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