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Deer Migration In Summer

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Jun 2020

Spring and summer are prime seasons for deer damage on lawns and gardens; and it's no wonder why: plants are abundant and deer are ready to make their move. In the summertime, the weather is toas … read more

The Effectiveness of Deer Culling

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 15th Jun 2020

There are over 40 million white-tailed deer roaming throughout North America; and the overpopulation of deer is leading to organized deer culls. But, how effective is deer culling as a deer management … read more

Social Distancing Deer From Plants

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th Apr 2020

Social distancing is a term that was created in lieu of the Coronavirus, aka COVID-19. It's a way for family, friends, pets, and community members to stay safe from the spread of the flu-like virus wh … read more

Why Use Predator Animal Urine On Lawns

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Mar 2020

Like other wildlife in the animal kingdom, deer have their friends and their foes. To protect themselves from becoming deer meat, they hide in the woods away from such predatory animals including  … read more

Deer Movement In Spring

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Feb 2020

Excited about Spring? You aren't alone. Deer eat nothing but twigs and leaves in the wintertime; and once spring begins to bloom, deer are ready to dive into home gardens to get first dibs on plants.& … read more

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