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Is Animal Pee Effective For Deer Resistance In Gardens?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

When gardeners have had enough of deer damaging their flowerbeds, they typically turn to the internet for help finding the best deer management strategies. More often than not, they find results advising home growers to use low cost deer repellents on landscapes including animal urine from wolves and coyotes. Here are the pros and cons to using animal pee in gardens:

First things's first: Why use animal pee in gardens? Disgusting, right? Actually, people can't smell the formula but deer can and the use of animal urine will create the illusion that coyotes and wolves are around the area - predatory animals to deer. Therefore, deer will not want to be around the premises if they think they will become deer meat. 

Home growers turn to animal pee due to cost. This deer control method is cheaper than deer fencing; however, it comes with a lower effectiveness than a deer fence (you've been warned). Once applied, homeowners will need to re-apply every few weeks since the aroma will disappear after excessive heat, rain or snow. For longer usage, the urine can be added to an infuser or DIY canister of some-kind.

Like other deer repellents, animal urine is suggested as a secondary barrier around a deer fence and should not be relied on solely for deer management. 

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