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How To Use Fence Extension Kits

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 24th Nov 2017

Fence Extension Kits are ideal for homeowners who have an already existing wooden fence or chain-link fence. Perhaps these fences were built before you, the homeowner, moved into the house; or maybe installed to keep in a dog. Whatever the reason for the fence installation, these fences provide little security from theft, home invasion and wildlife damage. This is why Extension Kits are used for already existing fences. 

Fence Extension Kits from Deerbusters are easy to install. 

1. Homeowners will need to evaluate their already existing fence; and choose the height of the fence mesh they wish to install: 2', 3.5' and 4' tall.


2. Then, they will secure the fence posts with the included screws and brackets. Lastly, they will take the fence mesh and zip tie it to the line posts. 

3. There you have it; wildlife management and home security is in-effect. Nicely done!

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