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Deer Migration In Summer

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Jun 2020

Spring and summer are prime seasons for deer damage on lawns and gardens; and it's no wonder why: plants are abundant and deer are ready to make their move. In the summertime, the weather is toas … read more

Must-Have Fence Parts and Accessories

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Nov 2018

While accessories will help strengthen a deer fence, some are admittedly more important to invest in than others. Take ground stakes, for example. Adding stakes every 5 feet along the bottom of a … read more

Using Trees For Fence Installation

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 26th Oct 2018

Nature can be a great tool during the fence installation process. For properties with a lot of trees, this may seem like a deterrent; but in fact, the trees can be used as fence posts and can help eas … read more

Why Use High Tensile Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Dec 2017

When farmers and gardeners think about fence installation, they consider many factors: aesthetics, cost, garden protection and deer management. As growers outweigh the pros and cons of each fence type … read more

How To Use Fence Extension Kits

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 24th Nov 2017

Fence Extension Kits are ideal for homeowners who have an already existing wooden fence or chain-link fence. Perhaps these fences were built before you, the homeowner, moved into the house; or maybe i … read more

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