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Michigan Warns Motorists Of Elk Crossings

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 20th Dec 2017

New signs along M-33 are alerting motor-vehicles to look out for elk. A male elk can weigh up to 600 pounds; and if it makes contact with a car, it could cause serious problems for drivers and passengers. 

In the past two weeks, there have been five reported accidents from elk crossings alone near Onaway, Michigan - three of the five drivers were killed. 

Jon Sklba of the Department of Natural Resources "says about 20 elk are staying on one side of M-33, but they’ll cross the highway in Presque Isle County to search for food." (The Detroit News)

Deerbusters encourages Department of Transportation, and Natural Resources Departments, to consider building elk fence along the side of highways to stop deer and elk from venturing onto major roads. 

There are approximately 1 million elk roaming throughout The Rockies - stop the accidents with this simple solution: deer and elk fencing.

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