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New Tick Remover Tweezers For Tick Season

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Mar 2017

Tick Season begins in March and stays strong throughout the warm months of the year, lasting until late August.

Ticks tend to stay in grassy or forest regions where there is an abundance of warm-blooded mammals to latch onto for warmth. Ticks are extremely dangerous viral bugs that spread infectious diseases including Lyme Disease and Spotted Mountain Fever. If a tick is found on the body, remove it immediately with a tick remover tool.

Here is a new tick removal tool that hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts alike should keep on-hand when outdoors for long periods of time. With a tick remover tool, users will be able to successfully remove a tick from the skin without worry of infection. Remember, if a tick is found on the skin, users have less than 48 hours to remove the tick before the possible transmission of Lyme Disease. It's important to note that not all ticks carry infections.

Tick Ease Tick Removal Tweezers: By using the dual-tip on the Tick Ease Tick Remover Tool, users can remove a tick pain-free and easier than ever. The stainless steel tick tweezers can be used on both pets and pet owners. (Available in a single pack or a double pack.)

Here are the steps to successfully remove a tick from the skin

1) Disinfect the area with rubbing alcohol or soup and water.

2) Pull the tick straight up. Do not force the tick out and do not squeeze the tick. If you pull too hard, it's possible that the tick can break off and stay lodged in the skin.

3) Once all parts of the tick are removed, disinfect the area once more.

4) Place the tick in a sealed container and take it to the doctor for tick identification. 

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