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New Year, New Plan: For the Garden

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Jan 2018

When making your New Years Resolution List, you may have taken note that your garden is in need of serious protection from deer damage. Year after year, you watch white-tailed deer destroy flowerbeds and eat crops - and now, you've had enough. Here's what homeowners should do for deer management:

Build Deer Fence

Building deer fence is easy and is the most effective means for deer control in the garden. Reliable yard fencing should be at least 7.5' feet high; and it should be either plastic or metal fence construction. If deer pressure is light, it's best to go with a plastic deer fence; however, for chewing animals, a metal deer fence is strong enough to stop deer, rabbits and other wild animals. 

Use Deer Repellents

Applying deer repellent on the yard is effective when used in conjunction with a garden fence. Keep in-mind that as it rains and temperatures change, repellents will need to be re-applied every 30 days. When using predator urine from wolves or coyotes, best results can be achieved when using a dispenser which traps the liquid and will make the scent last longer - keeping deer away. 

Grow Deer-Resistance Flowers

Planting certain types of flowers that deer hate should be part of your deer management strategy. Deer hate the smell of pepper, garlic, and some herbs. Planting rose bushes and other thorny plants will help deer turn their noses away from your garden.

It's time to take back your garden this new year. It starts with the help from Deerbusters Deer Fence.

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