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Pennsylvania To Announce Chronic Wasting Disease Zone

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Feb 2018

Tomorrow, The Pennsylvania Game Commission will announce the fourth zoned area for disease management. 

"Disease Management Area 1 was created area that captive deer farm in Adams County, but has since been eliminated. DMA 2 was created in response to CWD found in multiple free-ranging deer in Bedford, Blair, Cambria and Fulton counties from 2012 -2017, and captive deer farms in Bedford, Franklin and Fulton counties during 2017. DMA 3 was created in response to CWD found in two captive deer farms in Jefferson County during 2014 and a free-ranging deer in Clearfield County during 2017." (Penn Live)

Chronic Wasting Disease is a fatal neurological disease that affects cervid herds including deer and elk. As far as we know, the disease does not affect humans; but it can be transferred animal to animal by saliva or urine. There have been at least 50 cases of CWD reported in Pennsylvania this year alone.

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