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Rodent Awareness Week 2017

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd Oct 2017

Ah, yes. They're cute. They have beady eyes. They are destructive to households. Rodents, such as mice and rats are creeping into garages and are chewing through wire systems, eating family food and seeking shelter from the cold temperature.  These nuisance pests must be stopped. In lieu of Rodent Awareness Week, beginning October 22-28, 2017, Deerbusters is here to talk rodent prevention methods. 

“Rodents are problematic year-round, but the industry certainly sees an uptick in rodent infestations every fall and winter, said PPMA Executive Director Cindy Mannes.

First things first, rodents are not meant to be pets. They are full of serious diseases that can put families at risk. Some have rabies, others have ticks that are carried from one Vernon to another. They are dangerous and must be handled with care by a licensed pest professional. 

Secondly, there are numerous non-lethal methods for ridding rodents. Before unleashing cats on rodents, consider a few different techniques. 


Rabbits are actually considered as small rodents. They are destructive and cause damage to gardens by chewing and digging. The only way to stop bunnies from feasting on gardens is by installing a chew-proof metal garden fencing system. This type of fencing may potentially stop mice and rats from eating flowerbeds, as well.

Tick Control

Rodents, such as the White-Footed Mouse, carry ticks and can spread them to animal to animal, including domestic breeds. Apply tick spray around the house to stop ticks from coming into homes. Although they do not jump, ticks can latch onto pets and humans and spread tick-borne diseases such as Lyme Disease. Also, keep tick remover tools and tick tweezers on-hand in case you need to think fast to remove a tick. 

Keep a Clean House

Repel mice by keeping a clean home - this means throw away trash and pick up loose ends. Remove trash immediately from the house and keep trash cans far from the front door. Don't give them a reason to make your home their new home. 

Share your rodent repellent tips with us on the Deerbusters Facebook page using hashtag #RodentAwarenessWeek

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