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Make a Difference To Children Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Make a Difference To Children Month is held annually each July to focus on children's education, health and growth. To celebrate children's month, we at Deerbusters feel that it's important to teach kids how to garden. 

Gardening not only teaches kids what types of plants they can grow in July; but it also teaches them the meaning of sustainability. Gardening encourages children to do something fun outdoors; eat healthy foods and how to grow food on their own.

To teach children how to plant foods in a garden, teachers should start a school gardening program at their own schools. This may require administrative permission and funding outreach to gain momentum; but the results will be worth the investment.

School gardens interested in working with Deerbusters will receive an added discount on garden fencing this July. Call 888-422-3337 to receive exclusive rates.

Squirrels ARE Rodents - Here's How We Know

When you hear the word 'rodent' what comes to mind? You probably are thinking of a smaller sized animal that feeds on everything and keeps coming back for more. This is in fact what makes rodents, well, rodents. This is why we classify nutty squirrels as rodents; and homeowners are always trying to repel squirrels from [...]

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Rodent Awareness Week 2017

Ah, yes. They're cute. They have beady eyes. They are destructive to households. Rodents, such as mice and rats are creeping into garages and are chewing through wire systems, eating family food and seeking shelter from the cold temperature.  These nuisance pests must be stopped. In lieu of Rodent Awareness Week, beginning October 22-28, 2017, [...]

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Welded Wire Fence Product Release

Just Released!4' x 100' Welded Wire Fence with 2" x 2" MeshNew product announcement: For gardeners looking for an attractive garden fencing solution to deer management, Deerbusters suggests turning to welded wire fencing. Our 4' x 100' welded wire fence rolls are especially effective against deer damage and other garden pest invasions because of its resistance [...]

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Preparing Landscapes During Hurricane Season

While there isn't much that we can do to predict hurricanes, or control them from coming to our areas, there are things we can do to prevent landscapes from being completely destroyed. As Florida braces for the arrival of Hurricane Irma, we encourage homeowners to do the following to maintain a storm-resistant landscape:PlantsLet's not sugar-coat [...]

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Swimming Pool Alternative Fence

Pool safety laws are in-effect to protect families from drowning, injury and electrocution. According to the CDC, there are over 3000 pool-related deaths each year unrelated to boats as well as near-drowning incidents. Depending on the state you reside, your garden fencing may be suited to fit pool code.Below are pool fencing requirements for Pennsylvania:  Fences [...]

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