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Make a Difference To Children Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 2nd Jul 2018

Make a Difference To Children Month is held annually each July to focus on children's education, health and growth. To celebrate children's month, we at Deerbusters feel that it's important to teach k … read more

Squirrels ARE Rodents - Here's How We Know

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 24th Oct 2017

When you hear the word 'rodent' what comes to mind? You probably are thinking of a smaller sized animal that feeds on everything and keeps coming back for more. This is in fact what makes rodents, wel … read more

Rodent Awareness Week 2017

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd Oct 2017

Ah, yes. They're cute. They have beady eyes. They are destructive to households. Rodents, such as mice and rats are creeping into garages and are chewing through wire systems, eating family food and s … read more

Welded Wire Fence Product Release

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 9th Oct 2017

Just Released!4' x 100' Welded Wire Fence with 2" x 2" MeshNew product announcement: For gardeners looking for an attractive garden fencing solution to deer management, Deerbusters suggests turni … read more

Preparing Landscapes During Hurricane Season

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Sep 2017

While there isn't much that we can do to predict hurricanes, or control them from coming to our areas, there are things we can do to prevent landscapes from being completely destroyed. As Florida brac … read more

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