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September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Sep 2016

As we learned last month during Senior Pets Month, dogs need exercise to maintain strong muscles and joints, especially as they age. Without the proper dosage of a healthy diet and exercise, your dog's health will slowly decline and they will become lethargic, overweight and over all, unhappy. But, that's not all. Without exercise, dogs risk health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, hip dysplasia and respiratory disease.Your dog's moods and behavior may even change, possibly becoming destructive. Think about it: After sitting at your work desk all day, don't you need a chance to burn off steam and stretch at the gym? It's the same for a dog. They have tons of energy; and if they don't have a way to burn off that energy with activity, they will find ways to entertain themselves, often at the pet owner's expense.

As September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month, Deerbusters asks dog owners to keep these dog exercise tips in mind:

  • Although age and breed may vary, active breeds need a minimum of 30 minutes of playtime outside on most days, preferably daily. If dog owners own hunting dogs, herding dogs or working dogs, they will need the most exercise, around two hours!
  • If you live in a state that has extremely hot or cold temperatures, keep outdoor play to a minimum. During hot months, make sure your dog has plenty of water and shade. During colder months, find ways to play with your dog indoors.
  • Give your pup plenty of toys that they can take outside.
  • Stay active with your dog. Run around the backyard with them; throw a ball or Frisbee; or simply take a walk with them by your side.

Remember, a tired dog is a happy dog! highly recommends that pet owners invest in a dog fence for their backyard. Click the links to see Deerbusters dog fencing rolls and dog fence kits to begin installing a basic play enclosure today.

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