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Do Deer Eat Small Animals?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

We know that deer have predatory animals that find them desirable to eat - such as cougars, jaguars, wolves and coyotes - but do deer eat other animals? 

Deer are not known to kill other animals, as they prefer eating flowers, fruits and veggies; however, it has been documented that deer have eaten squirrels and rabbits in the past. (Truth is, the small critter was probably dead before the deer reached it; so, we can only award the deer partial credit.)

Generally speaking, deer will not attack companion animals unless they feel threatened; but pet owners are advised to keep dogs and cats away from deer and other wildlife with fencing that is at least 6 feet tall. Deer attacks on domestic animals (and even humans) can be common in the fall when doe are protecting their young. 

ASPCA's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

Animal shelters unite to celebrate October's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month declared by the ASPCA. When thinking about pet adoption, it's always best to adopt from a local animal shelter or rescue center. In many states, such as California and soon to be New York, the sale of pets in pet stores is illegal. This is [...]

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National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

The first full week of November is declared to be National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, a time to thank all the full-time staff and volunteers at animal shelters. Not only do these folks care for dogs and cats that are strays and homeless, but they give them love knowing that they could be possibly bit [...]

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Save the Date: Clear the Shelters

Over the past few years, the Clear the Shelters event has connected over 153 pets to homes. This national event, held on August 18, 2018, allows for free pet adoption at most humane societies and animal shelters across the United States."Every single pet that is adopted frees shelter staff up to work with and prepare [...]

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January is Train Your Dog Month

Bringing home a new puppy is similar to bringing home a newborn baby. It isn't a walk in the park; and it can present challenges that you were not prepared for when you first saw those adoring puppy eyes. This is why The Association of Professional Dog Trainers designates January to be Train Your Dog [...]

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October is National Animal Safety and Prevention Month

October is National Animal Safety and Prevention Month (NASPM), a time for pet owners to practice safe handling and preventative measures for domestic pets. Our pets are not just animals; they become members of our family, our confidants and our best friends."National Animal Safety and Prevention Month was created by the PALS Foundation. PALS is [...]

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September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month

As we learned last month during Senior Pets Month, dogs need exercise to maintain strong muscles and joints, especially as they age. Without the proper dosage of a healthy diet and exercise, your dog's health will slowly decline and they will become lethargic, overweight and over all, unhappy. But, that's not all. Without exercise, dogs [...]

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