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Suffolk NY Schools Distribute Tick Removal Kits

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Oct 2017

the-tick-key-2-jpeg-08943.1496760034.1280.1280.jpg"Stony Brook Southampton Hospital is providing more than 500 tick removal kits to about 150 schools in Suffolk County, officials said.

The first kit was delivered last week to the Eastport-South Manor Central School District, where a nurse had removed ticks from four children in one day, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone said Thursday.

The county distributed 516 kits to 145 schools." News Day

Although ticks thrive in warm climates, they do not die once the weather cools down. They simply wait for a warm-blooded mammal to suck their blood. Ticks are still very much alive in the fall season; and that is why it is recommended that students and parents learn how to remove a tick after a tick bite. 

School personnel interested in ordering additional tick remover tools for their student body should reach out to Deerbusters. The tick tweezers and tick removal products for sale on are easy enough to use for students and is much safer than removing the tick by hand. Remember, the idea is to remove the whole tick and not partially remove it. Removing a tick by hand puts the individual at risk of infection and worse, Lyme Disease, the most common tick-borne illness.

For more information on tick prevention and care, consult Deerbusters.

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