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How Children React To Tick Bites

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 14th May 2018

Everyone responds differently to tick bites; and the list of Lyme Disease symptoms is not set in stone - especially for children. In fact, the first sign of tick bites in children is a rash; but not n … read more

Massachusetts Prepares For Tick Bite Explosion

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 8th May 2018

Few experiences are creepier than finding a tick attached to your body — except, perhaps, pondering the harmful germs the eight-legged critter may be injecting.But ponder no more: If you send a tick t … read more

Check Pets For Ticks

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Apr 2018

As great of a season as Spring is, it's also a nerve wrecking time of the year. Deer movement heightens and deer eat everything. They visit lawns and gardens frequently in search of food; and they dro … read more

What Is a Gulf Coast Tick?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 6th Mar 2018

There are close to 1000 tick species worldwide, 100 of them living in the United States. The four most common ticks in North America include: Eastern Black-legged Tick; American Dog Tick; Lone Star Ti … read more

Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 7th Feb 2018

Lyme disease can be an incredibly frustrating condition. If it's caught early, thanks to a distinctive bulls-eye rash, the tick-borne infection can be cleared up with a quick course of antibiotics. (T … read more

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