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When Do Bears Come Out Of Hibernation?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Outdoor enthusiasts don't see many bears in the winter months. This is because bears go into "hibernation" mode - not a full sleep - but a slow-down in movement. In the fall, they eat up to 90 pounds of food each day in preparation for winter hibernation when their metabolism dramatically slows down. 

Bear hibernation usually ends in March or April; but can come to a close as early as February! This is a problem for home growers that are planting gardens for spring...and equally as big of a problem for beekeepers who want to protect honey beehives.

Bear Management 

To prevent bear damage in gardens, gardeners need to consider bear hibernation and install electric netting as a primary or secondary barrier around a garden or current wildlife fence. Electric fence is the best type of fence to rid bears from gardens. 

Bears will soon be wide awake. Consider bear management strategies now. 

Plants That Attract Bears

Bear sightings occur most in August into the fall; and for gardeners planting an array of fruits, herbs and greenery, this could mean saying goodbye to fresh gardening goods.These are the top plants that bears are attracted to in gardens. Prepare to see bear damage:BlueberryRaspberryElderberryCherriesStrawberrySorrelCow ParsnipGooseberryHoneysuckleRid bears from gardens with electric fencing, the most effective means [...]

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Bear Movement In Spring

Spring and summer are the two seasons where we see an increase in bear activity. Bears go out in the early morning and late evening hours in search of food; and where do they go? Homeowner's gardens.Black and Grizzly Bears seek the following spring foods: flowers, berries, bee hives, and green vegetation. While they'll eat [...]

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Why Use High Tensile Fence?

When farmers and gardeners think about fence installation, they consider many factors: aesthetics, cost, garden protection and deer management. As growers outweigh the pros and cons of each fence type, they may see that not all fences are created equally. When we talk to growers, they say they need the strongest fence; and of course [...]

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