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Bear Movement In Spring

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th May 2018

Spring and summer are the two seasons where we see an increase in bear activity. Bears go out in the early morning and late evening hours in search of food; and where do they go? Homeowner's gardens.

Black and Grizzly Bears seek the following spring foods: flowers, berries, bee hives, and green vegetation. While they'll eat deer, elk and other animals, they will not choose one over the other. 

Grizzly bears remain one of the strongest animals in the world; and there are few ways to stop a bear from eating flowers in the garden. The recommended bear management fence is an electric fence. Baited electric fence will send the bear a quick jolt advising the bear to back away from the area. Electric fences require more maintenance than traditional deer fence; but the result may be worth the extra maintenance. 

Like deer, the taste and scent of pepper is unbearable; and they will turn away from plants if they smell it. Gardeners can spray chili pepper on their plants to deter bears.

Bear season is upon us; and growers need to protect plants from bears. Start with electric fencing.

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