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Deerbusters Introduces New Cat Fence Accessories

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

New Product Release!

Cat Fence Corners Systems for Kitty Corral Cat Fence Systems

Corners support the weight on two sides of a fence; so, both sides need to be as straight as possible and strong. (Stability is key.) This is why Deerbusters has released cat fence corner systems for 6' and 7.5' Kitty Corral Cat Fence Kits. Available in a 2 pack or a 4 pack, these kits consist of 1 3/8 corner posts, brace bands, washer and nuts and rail brace cups.

It's important to note that the Kitty Corral Fencing is NOT included with the corner and end systems. Additionally, installers will need Deerbusters 8-in. self-locking ties to attach your cat fence to the corner system.


Order today:

Corner System for 6' cat fence, 4 pack  Buy now

Corner System for 6' cat fence, 2 pack  Buy now

Corner System for 7.5' cat fence, 4 pack  Buy now

Corner System for 7.5' cat fence, 2 pack  Buy now

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