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Cat Owners: Learn About Deerbusters Cat Fence

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 13th Mar 2017

Often when we hear 'pet fencing,' our minds immediately think of dogs. Although it's true that dogs love running around the backyard, cats need a space to burn off pint-up energy, as well. Many cat owners are surprised to learn about an outdoor enclosure for their cats; and as a cat owner, they are hesitant to even install a cat fence system.

"No more worries of dog attacks, coyotes lurking, vehicles, traps, or anything else that poses potential harm to my cat." Kim Smith, satisfied cat owner

About Our Cat Fence

Our cat fencing systems, known as the Kitty Corral Cat Fence, are safe, reliable and easy to install. These cat fences can enclose as many cats as one can handle! The top and middle sections of the Kitty Corral Fence are made from a durable poly fence material, similar to Deerbusters deer fence. We chose poly fence mesh to discourage cats from climbing the fence. Because of its lightweight material, the cat fence will gently sway to make the cat think twice about trying to get out of the backyard. The top of the fence, also made from poly mesh, ensures that the cat will stay inside the fence and will provide bird control and wildlife management. The bottom of the fence is constructed using a welded wire fence to stop chewing and digging at the bottom. All-in-all, our Kitty Corral Fencing System is a great choice for all cat breeds. 

Why Cats Need Outdoor Enclosures

Cats and dogs both need a minimum of 30 minutes of daily activity to stay fit. Think about yourself for a moment: You work all day, and sit for eight hours; when you get home, you don't want to sit. You want to exercise and be free to move around. Your cat thinks this way, too. With an outdoor cat enclosure, cats can roam the backyard safely without worrying about encounters with wildlife. Cats can breathe-in new scents and explore new terrain. They can also socialize with other domestic pets, play with their toys and won't have to worry about getting lost or hurt. 

Kitty Corral Cat Fence Systems are available in heights 6' and 7.5' tall. Explore cat fences from  Beginning in Summer 2017, Deerbusters now offers new cat fence accessories to add strength to the Kitty Corral. Corner and End systems can be purchased to help stabilize the cat fence. Check them out on now.

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